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For People. For Families. For Community.
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Language Services

Tailored foreign language training programs are available to meet specific client needs.

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Self Defense

Learn to defend yourself, your family,and your community with AltaMeta Kenpo Ohana.

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Homeschool Aux

Assisting families in extra-curricular learning opportunities to compliment home school curriculum.


AltaMeta Enterprises: Service for People.
"If it takes discipline to learn, it probably builds character!"

Our world is overflowing with examples of failing character; from leaders in business, religion and politics, to average, everyday citizens. But character development is a choice that each person can make for themselves and for their family.

You and your family are cordially invited to join AltaMeta on a character-enhancing journey.

AltaMeta Enterprises is a service organization for people and families. We focus on personal character enhancement through diverse learning opportunities, including, but not limited to: martial arts/self-defense, language learning, Christian homeschool extra-curricular courses and practical theology.

Who is AltaMeta?

Douglas Pietersma

Douglas is the owner of AltaMeta, martial arts instructor, and more.

Our Families

The people we've helped; the ones who make us what we are.

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