March 10, 2017

Homeschool Auxiliary

Why We Exist

Personal Christian character is the foundation for a Christ-honoring life. Whether a given venture is academic, athletic, professional or personal, true success is dependent on the personal work of God in an individual’s life and the character developed as a result of this relationship. AltaMeta Home School Auxiliary (AHSA) is committed to assisting Christian home school families by providing Christian character development opportunities for their students through co-curricular courses which compliment home school curriculum.

How We Accomplish Our Purpose

AHSA provides a place for Christian home school students to gather and learn that which may not be available within the individual home learning environments. This also provides an additional socialization opportunity and Christian fellowship for the participating students. All courses are taught from a Christian worldview perspective.

What We Do

Once weekly classes are available in the following subject areas:

  1. Conversational Spanish (Middle School)
  2. Conversational French (Middle School)
  3. High School Spanish (High School Levels 1-2)
  4. Physical fitness and health studies (1st grade to adult – Traditional martial arts, self-defense, discipline, health and nutrition)
  5. Speech (High School)
  6. Debate (High School)
  7. Research and composition – college preparation (High School)
  8. Principles of financial management (High School)
  9. Private tutoring (Spanish, Composition)

Note: With sufficient enrollment, Fitness, and Conversational Spanish classes will be available continuously during each academic year. High School Spanish (I-II), Conversational French, Speech, Debate, Research & Composition and Financial Management courses will be offered on a four-year rotating schedule.

Instructor Qualifications

Instruction in AHSA courses is provided by Dr. Douglas Pietersma. In addition to being a home school parent, Dr. Pietersma has undergraduate degrees in Bible and Spanish, a graduate degree with a concentration in Latin American Studies, and a doctor of education degree (Ed.D.) in Christian Education Leadership. Dr. Pietersma is a certified Spanish linguist and he previously served twenty years as a military intelligence analyst with extensive experience in training, evaluation, research, analytical writing, linguistics (translating/interpreting), curriculum development and public speaking. He holds a third-degree black belt in Hawaiian Kenpo (see Kenpo page) and has been trained and certified as a military physical training leader. He is also active in local church ministry service as a lay preacher, Sunday-school teacher, music director and youth leader. Dr. Pietersma’s complete resume.